Welcome.  I am JoAnne Leuenberger, owner of JoAnne's Dress Shop.  I would like to give you a little history of my store.  I opened in February of 1999.  Previous to this, I owned House of Veils and Gowns, a Bridal Shop, on the East side of the square.  I managed the Bridal Shop for 10 years and then purchased it in 1989.  Due to my young family I decided to downsize. It allowed me more time to spend at home with my children.  I found a space on the West side of the square next to Baumgartner's and that is where JoAnne's Dress Shop started.  As my business outgrew this space I began looking for another building.  When a space  on the East side opened up I jumped at the chance. It was a bigger store and much more window space, so that brings us to October of 2007 when I moved to my current location             1020 - 17th Ave.  I have once more moved to a larger store because of a growing business.  1618 - 11th Street. on 9-7-14.

I have three wonderful employees, Lois Gordon is my manager and has been with me for 35 years and Shirley Wild who has been with me 30 years. They are both excellent seamstresses and are wonderful on the sales floor and I am happy to welcome my newest employee Jeanne Ausmus, she worked at Nancy's for many years and now joins us.  I have  part time gals, Cindy, Tammy, Nikki, Lisa, Linda , Olivia and Deb.  They are a great addition to my store.

 Customer service is number one with all who work at JoAnne's