Welcome.  I am JoAnne Leuenberger, owner of JoAnne's Dress Shop.  I would like to give you a little history of my store.  I opened in February of 1999.  Previous to this, I owned House of Veils and Gowns, a Bridal Shop, on the East side of the square.    I found a space on the West side of the square next to Baumgartner's and this is where JoAnne's Dress Shop started.  With 2 more moves in my future I landed at my current location 1618 - 11th Street.

I have three wonderful employees, Lois Gordon is my manager and has been with me for 35 years and Shirley Wild who has been with me 30 years. They are both excellent seamstresses and are wonderful on the floor in sales. My sister Jayne has just recently joined our staff.  She is also a seamstress and worked with me at the Bridal Shop. I have  part time gals, Cindy, Tammy, Nikki, Lisa, Linda, Mary and Onalee.  They are a great addition to my store.

 Customer service is number one with all who work at JoAnne's